Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Without anymore of a delay, YES, the beer is here! Every brewer (including family and friends of one) knows what is to wait for a brew to get ready! How about the very first two 'Portishead brewing' beers? It's hard to explain, it's so overwhelming!!! Well, I'll stop with all the exclamation marks etc, I promise. In a moment like this, everything sums up to the moment when we open the first few bottles and take the first sips. Memories from all the brews we did, talks and constant daydreaming throughout the last four years cultivated to this very day. Last week, Thursday the 22nd of November we finally received the beer which was brewed in at De Loonbrouwerij, contract brewery in the Netherlands. Holding the bottles with our hands was a dream coming true. Seeing it in the glass and finally tasting it was unreal, surreal, call it as you wish. We totally love it! And even more, all the families got together celebrating (for three days :)), celebrating something that now gives us even more strength to move forward. The future is bright. Now, it's time to get back to work. ;)


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