The beginning

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Hi! As promised, we'll share our story on our side of the planet. It is, in fact, spread all over but we'll get there too. Before we go forward, it is fundamental to say the following. All that is happening only and because of the tremendous support we received and we continue to receive from our families, friends and people from all directions. Huge 'Thank you' to all of you! We know that it won't be the first or the last time saying it but we can't stress enough how important your support is for us. We're grateful to have you in our lives. Solute!

Ok, so here it is. I've met my wife Ira over 14 years ago. Soon after we've started dating I've met Alex. He was dating Ira's cousin Emi. Alex and Emi now enjoy two lovely daughters - Sophia and Emma. Both Ira and I, are blessed with two amazing boys - Alex and Philip. With the years, we all expressed our love and passion for good food and drinks but in 2014 things changed. Really changed... So Alex and I were sitting together in a hot Bulgarian summer day drinking a typical mass produced beer (lager). We kind of share thoughts about it"It's ok...well, it's not bad.", "It's better than nothing at all."

Well, 'mass produced lager' explains a lot but then Alex goes like "I have this thing at home called 'the Beermachine'. My sister brought it to me from the States. And it does make beer.". I probably had a puzzled face so he continued 'It makes the same beer as the one we drink now. It's very simple, I put a ready-to-use malt extract, it ferments and then I force carbonate it with these little carb tubes you can buy online for fizzy drinks, you know.' I remember we were both laughing as it sounded kind of cool but at the same time confusing as the beer we had available at this very moment was 'not too bad'. Obviously, the fact of the day was loudly echoing in my head"It can be done at home?!". I always loved drinking beer but for some reason, I've never ever asked myself if this can be done at home. In our home-country Bulgaria, people are used to a lot of home-made things from food to beverages like wine and distilling 'rakia'. The last one is a famous Bulgarian high-alcoholic drink (around 40% alcohol sometimes higher). If you missed trying it, you probably missed most of your life. Just kidding but honestly, it's great! So back to the point. Making beer at home?! As many people nowadays do, I just googled 'homemade beer'. This was like...(I'm trying to find the right way to explain it) a dam wall cracking. It blew me away! Period. For quite some time, I probably had the dummy face on until I got myself back into my skin. The excitement was so overwhelming that for a week I didn't mention anything to anyone. It was all there, for years people were doing it. The US was the country that led the craft beer world and it was the leading example followed by many others around the World. Its craft beer scene was built by home-brewers who became the pioneers of one of the most distinguished craft beer brands we know today. I still remember the feeling of reading and watching all the information brewers tirelessly uploaded on the Internet. Then I found that in our country people also do home-brewing and there are places that import and serve craft beer, and not only that but just a couple blocks away from our apartment there was a craft beer shop. In a shiny afternoon, that summer in 2014 my wife and I went to the shop called '100beers' and we got our first craft beers. The beers were the famous 'Brewdog-PunkIPA', 'St Peter's-Ruby Ale' and one of the first Bulgarian craft breweries 'Divo pivo' which translates for 'Wild brew'. It was a great afternoon. The beers were great and the chat with the guy in the shop too. We felt this unique feeling of discovering something that has changed us forever.

Thank you for reading! To be continued


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